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In 1882 Thomas Edison built the first electric Power Plant in New York city to power a string of lights. In 1885 Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz built the first 4 cycle gasoline engine. However, steam was still the major source of motive power. In 1904 the fire that destroyed a large portion of Baltimore City spurred the effort to provide more water for Baltimore City.
Timeline - Selecting this link provides a 7 page summary of general history from 1712, when the community of individuals known as Baltimore occupied a site on the banks of the Bush River, than the Gunpowder River, then the Patapsco River where it remains today.
The photo above shows both lower and upper Loch Raven reservoir dams. The lower dam in the foreground was completed in 1881 with a spillway elevation of 170 feet above MSL. The upper dam was constructed in two stages. the first stage was completed in 1914 with a spillway elevation of 188 feet above MSL. The second stage was completed in 1822 and raised the spillway elevation to 240 feet above MSL where it will likely remain.