Loch Raven Reservoir pictured below is one of the three major sources of water for Baltimore City. All are important, but this website will be limited to the Gunpowder River estuary watershed which includes Gunpowder Falls, Loch Raven Reservoir, and the original location of the community that became Baltimore City.

The Loch Raven Dam walkway in the adjacent picture used to be accessible to the public. Many families enjoyed feeding scraps to the ducks and large fish that gathered below while also enjoying the view. Today the walkway is closed to the public, but the view remains for all to enjoy. Loch Raven Reservoir has been connected to Lake Montebello and the Montebello water treatment plant since 1881.

The history of how Baltimore City gets its water is closely involved with Loch Raven Reservoir and the history of its entire watershed of over 300 square miles. This history is an interesting study, worth a little time, and readily available by clicking on the Timeline and Information tabs at the top of this web page. How water is moved from the reservoir to Lake Monterbello gets somewhat technical, but it's still interesting. Approximately 32 miles of walking trails surround the reservoir and the scenery is breathtaking, If you enjoy walking, have the time, and energy, it's worth the hike, and one you won't forget.

It's interesting to note that the 1881 Balancing Reservoir used to move Loch Raven Reservoir water to Lake Montebello Reservoir still exists, plus the historic lime kilns that burned the limestone from the quarry that became the balancing reservoir still exist. All are on public property within walking distance of the dam.